How To Print Your Logo On A Box

Do you have boxes that appear to be overly plain and outdated? If so, you should enhance them by printing your logos and designs. There are multiple ways to do it. However, this is quite a challenging task. But don’t be concerned. This post will teach you how to print your logo on a box in a simple way.

how to print your logo on a box
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Putting your logo on a box is a smart way to showcase your brand and get noticed. It’s a successful marketing tactic that many companies have been using for decades. This helps create a personalized customer experience, which can help them feel more engaged with your brand. Eager to know how to do it! Keep reading below. You’ll be able to print on boxes in no time.

How To Print Your Logo On A Box | 3 Methods

There is a number of ways to put your logo on a box. Usually, it depends on the quantity of the prints. If your printing requirements are low, you should go with the sticker printing or stamp printing method. However, the screen printing method would be ideal if you want to print on a large scale.

Sticker printing, stamp printing, and screen printing are widely used methods for printing on boxes. They are less expensive and easy to use. So let’s go through each one in more depth.

The Sticker Printing Method

Sticker printing is a widely used method that allows printing designs and logos on a transparent sticker and then pasting it to whatever you want. This procedure is so inexpensive and simple that you may easily do it at home and office. Anyway, let’s get started with a step-by-step guide to sticker printing.

Required Things

Step 1 (setting up printer)

Turn your inkjet printer on and check that it has plenty of inks. Then run the printer head cleaning to make your printer up for the job. If you don’t have an inkjet printer at home, go to the nearby print shop and ask them to print your design.

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Step 2 (Printing Process)

Open your desired file or logo you want to print on your PC. Ensure that they are high-resolution images. Low-resolution images result in blurry prints. I recommend using vector logos as they produce sharp results. After all, command your PC to print your design. Make sure to check all the print properties correctly.

Note: While printing, take all the regular papers out because with sticker paper they may cause jams inside the printer.

print properties
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Step 3 (Final Results)

When done printing, leave the prints for two to three minutes to cool. After all, simply cut and paste them into your box, and congratulations, you’re done.

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The Rubber Stamp Printing Method

Rubber stamp printing is another cost-effective method to print your logos on the boxes. It’s a pretty straightforward process. However, it’s not as effective as the sticker printing method, but it’s far easier than that.

Required things

For rubber stamp printing, all you need is.

  • A stamp of your brand logo
  • Ink Pad

How To Do It

The process is very simple. Take your box first, soak your stamp in the ink pad, then place the stamp on the box and push it hard. Make sure to use perfect alignments. I recommend using a ruler to get the most accurate results.

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The Screen Printing Method

Let’s move on to our next method. Screen printing, often known as silk printing, is a process of transfering prints onto a surface using a mesh screen. This technique is generally used to transfer prints onto fabrics, metals, plastics, and many more on a large scale. The screen printing method requires an expensive initial setup and is a bit more complex than sticker printing. However, if you read the steps correctly, you will be able to print on boxes on your own.

Required Things

For screen printing on boxes, you should have the following items in your hand

Step 1 (Preparing The Design)

Let’s start by preparing the design. For accurate results, it’s essential to prepare your design according to the dimensions of the box—so open CorelDraw, Illustrator, or any other software you use. And resize the logo according to the size of the box.

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Step 2 (Preparing The Mesh)

After that, you have to prepare the mesh. As you are using a cardboard box, I recommend using the 280 mesh count. As cardboard doesn’t absorb ink well, so thinner ink deposits will favor the process. The higher the mesh count you use, the less ink you put on the box. If you don’t know how to prepare the mesh, check out the video below.

Step 3 (Printing Process)

After setting up the mesh screen, let’s move toward the final printing process. For printing on boxes, make sure you are using water-based inks. Water-based inks will penetrate and bond to the box, unlike plastisol inks that lay down on the surface. 

Now place the box in the screen printing press (ensure to align it), take the squeegee, and start printing on it. You can use push stroke or pull stroke, which doesn’t really make a difference. After printing, let the prints dry. It’s the quality of water-based inks that they dry much quicker, so five minutes would be enough. And congrats on finishing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to print a logo on plastic?

There is a tonne of methods available to print on plastic, like screen printing, flexo printing, Inkjet printing, and many more. You can choose one depending on the type and quantity of the plastic.

What are the best inks to print on cardboard?

You can use solvent-based inks to print on glossy cardboard. However, for porous cardboard, water-based inks work perfectly.

What are the different methods to print on cardboard?

There are numerous techniques to print on cardboard. Some of them are Flexo Printing, Digital Printing, Screen Printing, and Silk Screen Printing.

Final Words

Phew! You’ve now learned how to print your logo on a box. When you choose a logo to print on a box, there’s a lot to consider. You want to put it on an area of the box that people will see and appreciate, like the sides or top of your container. In addition, using your company colors and another of your business logos can help create a cohesive presentation. Have fun experimenting with your boxes!

If you still facing issues while printing on your boxes. Ask in the comments or contact us. We will be happy to respond you.

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