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how to print on plastic with inkjet printer
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Have you ever wanted to print on plastic sheets before? I am pretty sure YES because that’s the reason you’re here.

Inkjet printing on plastic is a distinctive way of printing your designs and images. This incredible technique lets you print your crafts and artwork on a clear transparent sheet.

There are many different methods to print on plastic sheets. But how to print on plastic with inkjet printer. Well, it’s not that easy.

You have to be very careful while printing on plastic film; little errors may lead to disappointing outcomes. In fact, many people want to print on plastic film with an inkjet, but they don’t know how to do it.

Don’t fret; below, I have outlined five simple and easy steps to get the job done. You need to read and implement all the steps carefully, and you’ll get perfect results.

Why You Should Print On Plastic Instead Of Paper

Most people ask why to print on plastic if you have paper. According to NGS printing, plastics are much more durable and eco-friendly than paper. Some other reasons that printing on plastic is better than paper.

  • Plastic prints look much better than paper prints and can make your artwork look more professional.
  • The durability of plastic is better than that of paper, which means your artwork will last longer.

Plastic Prints Uses

Before proceeding, let’s briefly discuss common uses of plastic prints. Plastic prints are commonly used

  • For printing stickers. (Mostly Used)
  • For painting purposes.
  • For adding descriptions in trophies, medals, etc.

Plus, it’s very effortless to create and use, and yes, you will be able to create some unique artwork in no time! Curious to see how it’s done. Keep reading!

How To Print On Plastic With Inkjet Printer: Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s get into the step-by-step guide to print on plastic. The overall process is very straightforward.

To get perfect results, make sure you have followed all the steps correctly.

Required Things

To print on plastic film, you must have the following required things available.

  • Computer.
  • Transparent printable plastic sheets of your desired size.
  • Printer using inkjet technology.

Note: Ensure that the inkjet printer you use can print on plastic. Not all printers come with this technology.

Step #1 [Printer Cleaning]

First of all, clean your printer. As you are printing on a transparent sheet, cleaning the printer is a must.

cleaning, printer
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Step #2 [Preparing The Printer]

Turn your printer on and take all the regular papers out because they may cause jams inside the printer.

Check that your printer is working fine and has the ink filled because if it is low on ink, it shouldn’t be able to print the documents correctly.

Therefore I recommend, first, printing something on regular paper, and if you find any issues, fix them first.

Turn on printer
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Step #3 [Putting Plastic Sheet]

The transparent sheet you have has two sides, A and B, and only one side is printable. If you place the wrong side in the printer, the final printed image will disappear by rubbing.

To find the printable side, slightly wet your hands first and then rub the wet hands in the corner of the plastic sheet.

You will find that your finger sticks on one of the sides of the sheet; the side which sticks on your hand is the printable side.

Place that printable side on your inkjet printer.

Plastic sheet
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Step #4 [Printing]

Open the desired file you have prepared for printing on your computer.

If you have a low-quality budget inkjet printer, I recommend using less color-saturated images because if you use saturated images, there will be a high chance that your resulting print will smudge.

Command your computer to print your document. Ensure to check all the print properties correctly.

Print properties
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Step #5 [Drying]

After printing, hold the printed sheets carefully and place them in a dry place for several minutes (5–7 mins) until they’re scorched.

Make sure not to touch the printed parts while holding them.

If you are confused about whether you print your image on the correct side or not. Take the printed sheet (make sure it’s scorched) and rub it slightly with your fingers.

If the print disappears, it means you printed it on the wrong side; if not, you are all good.

Final Result

After following all the above steps correctly, your final result will look like this.

Printed plastic sheet
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Some Asked Questions About The Process

  • Can printers print on plastic?

    Yes, printers can print on plastic. In fact, most printers now come with a wide variety of plastic-printing capabilities. This enables you to produce high-quality prints on plastic materials. Plastic prints are more effective than paper prints and look great.

  • Does the printer ink stick to plastic?

    Yes, printer ink sticks to plastic. The plastic sheets used for printing have the capability to stick printer ink on them. Even a cheap office or home printer can do it perfectly.

  • Which printer should you use to print on a plastic sheet?

    You should always use an inkjet printer to print on the plastic sheet. Laser printers might burn your sheet, as they use heat to transfer prints.

  • Can you print photos on a plastic sheet?

    Yes, you can print photos and images on plastic sheets. Just ensure that you allow the prints to dry completely because images are usually color-saturated and if you handle them without drying, the resulting prints may smudge.

Final Words

That’s all! I am pretty sure that after reading all the steps, you have got the answer to your question, i.e., how to print on plastic with inkjet printer.

Inkjet printing on plastic film is a great way to get professional and engaging outcomes. So go ahead and print some amazing designs and patterns on the plastic sheet.

Just keep in mind all the five steps to avoid any errors. And you’ll be amazed by seeing how beautiful it will look at the end.

If you still face challenges while printing your documents, don’t hesitate to comment with your questions below.

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